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Apple Lady Fall Fruit Share

A weekly assortment of BC fruit  --apples, pears and preserves. 

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Expect apples.... favourite Ambrosia, Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith and Orin.   Rare Aurora Golden Gala, global best seller Red Delicious, Braeburn  and Pink Lady....  Never sprayed MacIntosh.  

Expect pears.... Anjou and never sprayed  Bosc

Expect  Organic apple juice from Golden West Farms in Summerland,  Russ'  famous apple chips and Apple Lady preserves.

How does it work?  We will deliver your pre-paid fruit for 10 weeks to one of four locations. starting the week of October 8th and ending the week of December 10-15.  

How to Subscribe

Use the form at the bottom of  this page to:

1.    Choose a Location

      • Oak Ridge: Monday 12:00–6 pm

      • Langdon:  Tuesday 4-6 pm

      • Riverstone:  Tuesday 5-7 pm

      • Marda Loop: Saturday 10-1 pm

2.    Choose a size

    • Couple  $15 weekly = $150 season

    • Family  $25 weekly = $250 season

3.    Choose a payment method

    • Payment in full

    • 2 Payments.  First payment now.  Second payment before November 15

    4.   Pick up your goodies: a portion is set, select  the rest buffet style
          Bring your own carry bag

    Plan to be away?  Send a friend or get a double share another week

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    We will confirm your registration and send you details for payment and your chosen pickup location.  Please be patient our response is manual and may take a day or two.

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