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A Weekly Assortment of Seasonal BC Fruit & Veggies

          • June brings cherries and berries; apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, apples, grapes and pears follow

          • Taste the tree ripened difference

          • Assorted BC mushrooms

          • Apple  chips and farm pressed  juices

          • Seasonal BC & Alberta veggies


Special or  limited quantity items will  only be available to share holders.  You will always receive more than retail value.


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How does it work?  We will deliver your pre-paid fruit for 16 weeks to one of two locations. Starting the week of June 22 and ending the week before Thanksgiving.  

How to Subscribe: 

1.    Choose a Location

      • Palliser/Oakridge: Monday 3 - 7 PM

      • Hillhurst Sunnyside: Wednesday, 3 - 7 PM

2.    Choose a size

      • Couple  $15 weekly = $240 season

      • Family  $25 weekly = $400 season

3.    Payment methods

4.   Pick up your goodies: a portion is set, select  the rest buffet style
      Bring your own carry bag

Plan to be away?  Send a friend or get a double share another week

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