About Us

Our business started as a fair trade venture.  We wanted our friend Russ at Avalon Orchard to receive a fair price for his premium fruit.  It didn't take long till other farms asked if we could help them market their product too.  Today we deal with over 20 Okanagan farms.  Connecting farmers with markets that pay them a fair price.  Thank you Calgary.

For many small BC farms running the farm leaves no time for marketing.  A 9 hour drive to Calgary is not practical for most.

This means dropping their fruit off at a large packer who will charge the farm for grading, packing and storage.  If the fruit is sold the farm will receive payment anywhere from 90 days to 12 months after delivery.  

If the packer is unable to find market fruit often ends up at the juice plant near the end of its storage life.  There it is sold for a fraction of the cost the farmer paid just for picking the fruit.
Russ Klatt of Avalon Orchard