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Aurora Golden Gala

                        Developed through natural breeding

  sold out           at the Summerland, BC research

                        station.  These are even crisper and

                        sweeter than the regular Gala but 

                        hard to find.


Ambrosia            Our best selling Canadian apple

                         Discovered in BC as a "sport."

                         A sport is a naturally occurring

                         mutation of a fruit tree.


Fuji                    Refreshing and juicy




Granny Smith     Tart for pies, sour lovers

                         Great for green drinks





Pink Lady            Very firm flesh is both

                          intensely tart and  sweet






 NEW                 crunchy, sweet, with the                   

                         characteristic delicate wine-like "vinous"
                         flavor of the McIntosh family of apples.


Organic Sweet Orin 

                         hard and crisp-textured, sweet, juicy and

                         aromatic, this very tasty apple is low in acid.
                         Some say it has somewhat of a pineapple
                         flavor while others describe it as having a
                         subtle pear-like taste  


                         Crisp with a nice balance of between sweet
                         and tart.  Hints of lemonade flavour


Miscellaneous other varieties





                        The creamy, off-white flesh is tender yet crisp

                        with an intense honeyed aroma. Bosc pears have
                        a pleasantly sweet flavor with hints of fall spices.
                        The flesh of a Bosc pear may be dense, but it is
                        also quite juicy
Anjou                The flesh of the Anjou pear is bright, white and
                        dense with a slightly sweet flavor with subtle
                        notes of citrus. Anjou pears are very juicy when
                        ripe. Anjou pears remain green when ripe